...and thank you for flying Thai...
The sultry voice over the PA wakes me from my slumber stretched out over 4 seats in the half full cabin. My pleasure, I think.
As soon as I walked on board, I knew a pleasant flight was ahead. Not just did the plane look and smell like new, the gorgeous attendants in stylish traditional Thai outfits surely were selected for their good looks.
Thai Airways is a smooth operator. At 5am, we arrive as scheduled. By 6am I have collected my luggage and passed through customs and immigration. In six hours, around noon, I am to meet my friends Mike and Phorn at the domestic terminal. What to do in the next 6 hours? After a more or less sleepless night and with another 5 hour busride ahead this afternoon, I go 'looking for soul food and a place to sleep'. I tolerate a dismal airport quality breakfast to pass the time until 8am, when Amari, a first class airport hotel, offers just what I need: 3 hour mini stays for transit passengers. Never mind the price, this is a good time to indulge.
When I meet my friends at noon, I feel like an arrow that could go all the way, as Jack Kerouac might have said. At 1pm we catch the luxury aircon bus that will take us to Petchabun. 'Dorothy, I don't believe we're in India anymore', as Toto might have said. This bus is a real Mercedes, not like the 'Tata', India's licensed copy of same. At 6pm, 26 hours after leaving Gokulam, Auroville, I arrive in Petchabun, where I check in to 'Burapa' hotel, reminiscent of a Holiday Inn, anno 1960.

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