And you may ask yourself 'How did he get here?'
I was invited to a wedding. Mike and Phorn are getting married. Mike is a friend of mine from my hometown in Belgium. Not everyday does one get invited to a traditional Thai wedding ... and since I was in the neighborhood, so to speak, here I am. An invitation here, a suggestion there ... that is how my itinerary on this journey has taken shape.
The first days in Thailand are a bit of a whirlwind, what with the new country, new customs and new LANGUAGE - uh, oh. For the first time in my life I am faced with language failure. Dutch, French, English and Spanish always got me through, wherever I've been. But not here. The Thai, never colonized by the Brits, generally don't speak English ( and why is this a surprise to me? ) nor do I, never colonized by the Thais, speak Thai. This realization really hits me that first evening, when, alone, I set out on an exploratory walkabout of the local market street looking for dinner. I beat the retreat to the security of my hotel dining room and its English/Thai bilingual menu. I end up with prawn salad ...and my first Karaoke show. I will spare you the details of my strawberry ice cream dessert.

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