hello cowgirl in the sand
is this place at your command
can I stay here for a while
can I see your sweet sweet smile
Saturday afternoon, after four hours in the aircon bus I step out into a furnace: so this is Mae Hong Son.

Sunday morning, after breakfast, meet the young lady next door: she is at her table outside her room, shuffling a brand new deck of cards. Wants to know if I will play a game with her? ( it's the woman in you that makes you want to play these games ) How could I refuse? Her name is Giti. Turns out her boyfriend, still sleeping, is Belgian too. Small world.

After the game, I go out for lunch, at Lucky Cafe. There I see a poster advertising their Lucky Guest House, just out of town. This could be my lucky day, ay. I go check it out. The place has fallen on hard times. Maybe not my lucky day; or is it? On the way back into town, another place draws my attention, 'Sri Wiang' says a discreet sign in the manicured garden. I walk up to the reception: deserted. Just as I am about to leave, two people drive up on the ubiquitous Honda Dream. "Is this a Guest House?"  It is and it is theirs. A very serendipitous meeting after all. Their best room - 300 baht - is just right. They are Sebastien and Pany. He is French, she is Lao. They just took over the place a week before. This is going to be my home for the coming weeks.

PS: a few days later I heard Lucky Guest House burned down. Who is lucky now?  


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