I can see for miles and miles
Mae Hong Son province, on a bad day in the hot season
"The Thai call it 'City of Mists' but its proper name is Mae Hong Son.  The capital of Thailand's Northwestern province, 600 km from Bangkok, bordering Myanmar, that boasts the kingdom's most spectacularly rugged domain of densely forested mountains. Only since 1968 has a paved road become its link to Chang Mai and beyond. Mae Hong Son's airfield is the make believe CIA Air base in the movie 'Air America'."
                             ( Robert Anson 'Bridge on the river Pai', Conde Nast Traveler )
Hill tribe villagers burn the woods in the hot season to clear the fields for rice culture in the rainy season. According to Dam, the Karen go about it discriminately, showing respect for mother nature, leaving some trees or stumps to allow regeneration. The Hmongs, on the other hand, using the 'slash and burn' practice eradicate the forests ( something that worked when there was more forest and less people ).
In addition to the smoke from the burning, the hot season also vaporizes the moisture from the earth. The result is a seasonal blanketing of the area that leaves to your imagination just how spectacular the views must be the rest of the year.  

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