....................... to all the animals,
in the beginning, long time ago.
He saw an animal as smooth as glass,

slithering his way through the grass;
saw him disappear by a tree near the lake ...

zeg nekjei miemoatje ...

We're in Pai now. The other morning I came face to face, figure of speech, with that animal as smooth as glass ... it was't too thick and it wasn't too thin ... I did not take a real good look at it, mind you, and he did not wait around to pose for a shot, so I am guessing he was about 2 meter long, all curled up, and about an inch or so diameter, with pretty blue back and it's belly black. I was stepping out of the shower, sliding the curtain to the side, when I noticed the uninvited guest in the opposite corner, about 2 and a half meters away from me. We saw each other at the same time. I jumped and gasped, we had a Mexican standoff for about a second and then he slipped underneath the steps at his side - my only escape out of the room - and I flew up the steps and closed the door behind me ... and that was the last I saw of him. Now, every time I enter the bathroom, I do a careful visual check of the floor before I step down.

Now, the Iguanas and the Geckos, they are another story altogether.

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