Buddha at Wat Suan Dok, my local neighborhood Wat

I arrived in Chiang Mai on May 1. According to the LP, Chiang Mai counts a population of about 160,000!!!! Somehow the number 40,000 got in my memory bank! So, while I was anticipating a big city compared to Mae Hong Son and Pai with their populations of 7,500 and 3,000 respectively, I was ill prepared to face the reality as the bus approached Chiang Mai, with its skyscrapers and four way streets and traffic lights. Truth is, Chiang Mai did not really figure on my itinerary, because on my journey I am not looking for big cities.
However, in Pai I met one Robert, New Yorker, who changed my plans. He told me about an exceptional Kriya Yoga teacher in Chiang Mai, with whom he had studied for the last couple of years. Somehow this strcuk a chord in me.
So once again, the journey takes an unexpected turn. I came to Chiang Mai and settled down for a month. Found a fine apartment - Silver Park Mansion - and rented a Honda Dream to zoom around town. Like so many other spots, Chiang Mai is the kind of place that grows on you after a while. It did not take long for me to feel at home, once again in yet another new town. Back in the high life again.

On May 19 my daughter Misja arrived to hang out with me for a few weeks. We are heading for Laos on June 1.

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