day after day
the monk on the hill
is keeping perfectly still

Practicing silence means making a commitment to take a certain amount of time to simply BE. Experiencing silence means periodically withdrawing from the activity of speech. It also means periodically withdrawing from such activities as watching televison, listening to the radio or reading. If you never give yourself the opportunity to experience silence, this creates turbulence in your internal dialogue.

Late afternoon, we went up Phou Si Hill to go watch the sunset. We climbed stairs to the hill top Chedi, That Chomsi, until we lost count. Judging from the moss on the steps, we thought we were walking the path less trodden ( the path less trodden gathers mo' moss ). But at the top, the booth requesting our 10,000kip per farang shattered that illusion. At the foot of the Chedi, a small crowd of farangs and a few Thai monks had already gathered with the same idea.

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