AUGUST 29, 2004

this wittily doctored photo courtesy of my brother Bernard, sent to me on last year's birthday, with the caption:" little pieter on his way to the knowledge"


we must not cease to explore

the end of all our exploration
will be to arrive where we began
and know the place for the first time
through the unknown, unremembered gate
when the last of the earth left to explore
is that which was the beginning
Today is my 50th birthday. Sort of a special day, one might say. I started my celebration last night. Here I was, a Belgian residing in California, journeying through Asia, having dinner at a fine Italian restaurant, La Gondola, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in company of 4 fine Greek friends from Yoga class. The conversation at the table was mostly Greek, it's Greek to me, while the restaurant owner, Stefano, a friend from Yoga class, was singing traditional Italian songs  (O Sole Mio - Santa Lucia - Funiculi, Funicula etc ) One would start an identity crisis under less confusing circumstances, no? 
Today, while adding to the blog, I went to visit http://journeytonepal.skynetblogs.be , week (25/08 to 31/08) to see where I was on last year's birthday: Bodhnath, Nepal. Not bad. A very moving journey through the past.
Here I am, one year later, the expected end of the journey. But as my friend and teacher Marcel so aptly put it: "When does the journey ever end?"
And so I signed up in the big book of life for an extension to the journey. After a short visit to Belgium I return to Chiang Mai from where, in September, I join Marcel and friends from Yoga on a journey to India ( something about loose ends comes to mind ). This time going North into the Indian Himalayas, destination Badrinath, Uttar Pradesh.  www.sacredsites.com/asia/india/shiva_temples.html.
And I'm back on boogie street...

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