a sip of wine, a cigarette
and then it's time to go
I tidied up the kitchenette
I tuned the old banjo

I'm wanted at the traffic jam
they're saving me a seat
I'm what I am
and what I am
is back on Boogie Street

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the absent but my darling says, Bernard,
just let it go by
That old silhouette
on the great Western sky
So I pick out a tune
and they move right along
And they're gone like the smoke
and they're gone like this song

and for Misja,
She'll probably fly down to "Frisco"
using the music for plane...

Greetings from bernard and family,
and have a good air journey
I mean no hijacking...or so

for Pieter,
We'll probably meet again
on the India-blog sequel


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